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PSYCH-K®個案見證 - Sharon (註冊營養師、暢銷書《素食內外美》作者)


感謝註冊營養師、暢銷書《素食內外美》作者Sharon Chan對我PSYCH-K®️Session的回饋。


What Sharon said...... 感恩Nadia的專業協助,我找到了需要的答案!環境舒服清潔安全。實在太難得有您,付出長時間來細心用善良的聲線和我溝通。多謝您!

Extremely grateful to have Nadia's professional support, to allow me find all my answers within myself. The environment is comfortable, clean, peaceful and safe. I really appreciate you for using extensive hours, with loving, kind and effective voice and technique to communicate with me, thank you!

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