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PSYCH-K®個案見證 - Sophia (澳洲Earth is She創辦人)

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

感恩收到澳洲Earth is She創辦人Sophia對我PSYCH-K® session的回饋。對,正如Sophia所說,PSYCH-K的成效不會讓你突然變成另外一個人,而是你會慢慢體驗到生活中不同層面的轉變,你亦會體會到那「必然的」持續性!因為當我們在潛意識而非顯意識中下功夫,即使我們回到生活中,依然會間中被我們的恐懼懷疑所左右,但那些5%的力量,又怎能與95%的潛意識較量呢?當然,如果我們能在5%的部份也下功夫,例如多看正能量的讀物、練習轉念,讓我們的正能量整合在潛意識及顯意識當中,你生命中的正向轉變,必然來得更加快速!

It’s so encouraging to have Sophia’s (The Founder of Earth is She Australia) endorsement of my PSYCH-K on-line facilitation. Thank you so much! 💓

“Nadia was incredible! She was so loving and supportive during our Psych-K session and afterwards I felt something had really shifted. Now, a few weeks later, I can honestly say that these shifts have been lasting. Blocks around money, friendships, intimacy have fallen away. I am quite pleasantly shocked at the efficiency of this technique and honoured to have received it in such a beautiful way. Thank you.” - Sophia Leone, The Founder of Earth is She Australia 🇦🇺







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